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How can create a Timer ?


I would like to create a timer .

Timer : 08:00 min

I would like my timer of 08 min discount until 00:00 (time off)

When I click on button time start 08:00 minutes until 00:00.

How can I do that ?

In advance, thanks.

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Re: How can create a Timer ?

Quite simple using the now() function and a variable or 2. See the attached QVW and see if thats what you wanted.


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Re: How can create a Timer ?

Thanks Matt, It is exactly what I need.


Re: How can create a Timer ?


Please, be careful when using now() because it can decrease the performance of your app and system as mentioned in QlikView help:

now( [ timer_mode] )

Returns a timestamp of the current time from the system clock. The timer_mode may have the following values:

0 Time at script run
1 Time at function call
2 Time when the document was opened

Defaulttimer_mode is 1. The timer_mode = 1 should be used with caution, since it polls the operating system every second and hence could slow down the system.

Hope this helps,


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Re: How can create a Timer ?

Hi Matt,

I'd be really interested in the timer function that you have created as well. I'm struggling to open the app, please would you help me?

When I open the .qvw file in QLIKSense Desktop, I receive the error: This app contains no dataThe app contains no data error.png

Do you know what  editor tab I need to enter to view your function?

Many thanks,


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Re: How can create a Timer ?


I want to create a timer for 26 days.. so that is like 37440 minutes.. Is it possible to create that ?


Kailash Kotak