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How copy style from chart to other?


I need copy style from this chart




but when i copy the format, only change the title, i need copy the style (row format).

If someone help to make a template from first chart. i would be very grateful.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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Re: How copy style from chart to other?

I usually copy and paste the whole chart and change the dimensions and expressions to match the new chart. This way I get to keep all the formatting and other stuff which might change if I create a new chart or use paint brush.

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Re: How copy style from chart to other?

I know that way, but i need copy the style to create a template, i want apply that template in others models, to change all chart instead one by one.

However thanks for your answer.

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Re: How copy style from chart to other?


You can copy the chart as it is ,But if your'e switching from straight to pivot or Pivot to straight means.Then may vary accordingly . If using same chart means you can change your dimensions and Expressions.

Then also your looking a change means. some how if your working with two QV environments or what?

your server ! and Personal edition , this  means due to version change they may be variations in the chart at some point.



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