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Contributor II
Contributor II

How do I put vertical lines on a horizontal listbox and how do I limit the values on the listbox?

I have a horizontal listbox with months like so:
JAN    FEB    MAR ....
and i want to make it show up like this:
JAN   |    FEB    |    MAR ...

But the only borders I can place are bottom borders.

Also I would like to display only a few values from another listbox
Instead of                 I need
       a                                 a
       b                                 c

I hope you understand and thank you!

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For the second question write in Expression:
=if(Match(Field, 'a','c') >0, Field)
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Digital Support
Digital Support

I knew there was a way to do this, but I could not remember, finally found it today! 🙂  Attached is a screenshot for you, that should do the trick if you set the properties as I highlighted in yellow, the main thing is the 'Single Column' check box needs to be unchecked, then when you expand the Listbox object, things should spread out and automatically put the | between the values as well I believe.  Hopefully this works for you in that regard.


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