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Creator III
Creator III

How to Auto Reload when qvw file is in close

Hi Community,

Here i attached one qvw file which i created on auto reload data. Whenever we open the document that time only it is reloading but my requirement is when the document is in closed state also it will reload automatically, for that where should i modify can you guys please help me out from this.

I used these variables:

vTriggerReload= if( (Now() - ReloadTime())*1440 >= ReloadMinuites, Now(), 0)

ReloadMinutes = 10

I am thinking like this : Instead of now() function we should change some other function.

But i am not getting which function we can use

Please Suggest me

Thanks in advance

4 Replies

You cannot set Qlikview to reload while it is closed. You need to do this from outside of qlikview.

Qlikview doesn't do anything when it is closed. As no programm can actually do something when it is not running.


Are you trying this from desktop or server? If from desktop, you could rather try with windows scheduler. Check:

Re: Auto Reload

Refresh qvd by batch file

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Bram Knuever,

Outside of Qlikview means how to do can you explain??, you are telling windows task scheduler

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Tresesco,

Without windows scheduler is there any other possible way