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How to Document a Pre Developed Qlikview Project

Hi All,

I would like to know what options are available for documenting a project which has already been developed, as the developers who worked on didn't write even a single page of documentation.

The project has no other details other than many pages of scripts with functions written and modified by developers who worked on this project from the past 2 years. All I have is the Data Model and the Developed Application. I would like to know if there is any way to organize this project and document it so that it could be helpful for the developers who will be working on this project in the future.

Meantime I would like to know is there any special practices available for documenting a QlikView project?

If yes then please provide me with the necessary steps to achieve a better project documentation.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to Document a Pre Developed Qlikview Project

I will say.. atleast below points should be in documentation..

     1. Source data ware house Credential and rights

     2. Schedule of each qvw to data load

     3. External Components Used - Like Windows Schedule

     4. Other Database Dependencies - Something like if any filtration happening from Original fact table to Temp           fact table (if you are creating temp fact table on DB)              

     5. QVW processes for create final applications..

     6. Assumptions/Standards

     7. Constraints

     8. Limitation.. (Like hard coded/ Data updation not real time or specific master table data updation )

May be someone else can add more..


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Re: How to Document a Pre Developed Qlikview Project

Thanks for your reply Karthick.


Re: How to Document a Pre Developed Qlikview Project

You can use the QlikView Governance Dashboard (QlikView Governance Dashboard 1.0) to figure out details about data lineage and impact analysis (for subsequent changes to the project). The Governance Dashboard is a free download from the QlikMarket.


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Re: How to Document a Pre Developed Qlikview Project

Here´s one way to generate a graphical overview of a system: Auto-documentation of your Qlikview installation - Sigma Blogg