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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to achieve Effective KPI’s using Doughnut chart facing issue to achieve on it

Doughnut chart

Can anyone please help on Doughnut chart to achieve the chart so effectively to show the KPI’s which are in Ratios? I verified some of existing posts and trying to replicate the same but still not able to do as exactly.

To achieve as below KPI's

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You can the do dial part of this using a gauge chart with the appropriate settings. The text can be the title text for the gauge and the centre boss would be a text object with corners rounded enough to create a circle overlaying the gauge. You may need to reposition items a little with Ctrl+Shift+ hold and drag mouse button

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Followed the same but I'm not getting exactly in visually in rich contrast .

Step 1: Write your expression. You dont need to use a percentage you can use a total value.

Step 2: Add a gauge chart to your document

Step 3: Configure the gauge

     GENERAL: Gauge

     DIMENSIONS: No Dimensions

     EXPRESSIONS: =1 (this forces the gauge to show the full circle)

     STYLE: Choose the simple circular gauge.


          Min = 0

          Max = 1

          Indicator.Mode = Fill to Value

          Show Scale = untick

          Autowidth Segments = untick

          Cylinder Thickness = 50

          Angle Span = 360

          Center Angle = 0

          Hide Segment Boundaries = tick

          Hide Gauge Outlines = tick

          Segment 2.LowerBound = Expression from step 1

          Segment 2.Colour = Black

          Text in Chart = Expression from step 1

Master III
Master III

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