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How to call QV.exe from SQL server Agent ?

How can I call QV.exe from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - > SQL Server Agent to reload the Qlikview file ?

I have a 1 liner command in test.bat Batch file as below :-

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe" /r "C:\Temp\test.qvw"

It runs fine when I double click to run the .bat file but if calling the batch file via CmdExec from SQL Server Agent (SQL Server 2005) it just launch the process but doesn't do anything else.

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Did you set permissions correctly for the user running this job? Have a look here http://www.lazydba.com/sql/1__8280.html

Hope this resolves your problem.


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I doubt the permission is the issue here.

When I replaced the command into running 'echo' command it works fine.

When I try to call QV.exe from the same .bat file, however, the QV.exe is launched as can see in Task Manager, but just sat there.

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i've got the same problem in sql server agent 2012. Someone have solved and fixed this problem?