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How to change Y-pos depending on value of variable


Is there a possibility to change X-pos, Y-pos, Width and Height in Caption depending on value of variable?

e.a. When a user clicks on a button, certain objects are visible and move to a position or are invisible and when clicking on an other button other objects become visible and move to a position or become invisible

I included Positions.qvw

With two buttons a variable vChoice is set to 1 or 2

Depending on the value of vChoice, 4 buttons A, B, C and D are invisible or visible


But the idea is that there are no gaps between the buttons A, B, C and D.

That means that the Y-pos has to change depending on the value of vChoice


Does anybody have an idea how to do that, without creating doubles (copies) for the buttons A, B, C and D?