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How to change the color of a list box expression?

Hi all, I simply need to make the font color of an expression within a List Box a different color than the values from the selected field. See attached screenshot.


I do not want to fake it with a straight table. Qlikview requires many hacks to get it to do what you want sometimes, and less-experienced people are going to be supporting this.

Also the requirement is NO macros because this is a server environment where macros are globally turned off.

There are several threads on changing the font color or background color of items in a List Box, but they affect the color of the expression too. That is not the desired effect:



I have tried:  Settings > User Preferences > Design tab > Always Show Design Menu Items

and no custom formatting options are displayed for a list box.

Can it be done with a List Box or is faking it with a straight table the only way? (Is there some way I could use RGB() in the expression itself?)

If it is not possible I would recommend adding the little style drop-downs under the expression in the screenshot above. Just like they exist in a straight table.


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