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How to connect to Excel spreadsheet/Acces?

I was trying to connect to an Excel spreadsheet but I am running into some problems.

Can anyone help me with this pop-up?

"ODBC Excel Driver Login Failed

Could not decrypt file"

Then, I tried to transfer the data from Excel to Access in the hope of circumventing the problem but it did not work that way either. I got another pop-up from the Import Spreadsheet Wizard. This time along these lines:

"The wizard is unable to access information in the file 'O:\PH\Sen\CCIssues.xls'

Please check that the file exists and is in the correct format."

The file actually exists but in what format should it be?!?!

I am just trying to get some data from Excel into QV, it should not be too difficult but I guess I am missing something.

Please, do not send me to this link, I have already tried the solution it offers and it does not work in my case.


The workbook for which I am creating the data source is NOT protected by a password. At least not one I can see. I can open it and so can everyone else in my department. The spreadsheet is used by the whole department and we all have access to it without the need of keying in any password.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!