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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to do a calculation on string?

Hi Qlik Enthusiasts,

I am working on improving the performance of a dashboard. I am getting stuck at the below scenario;

Count(Distinct{<Geography = , Level={0})>}) / sum(Distinct{<Geography = , Level={1,2})>}

I am taking them as string by putting single quotes and storing in a variable.

vPerformanceExpr = 'Count(Distinct{<Geography = , Level={0})>})' / 'sum(Distinct{<Geography = , Level={1,2})>}'

When I call the above variable it ain't working. However both the strings are working separately.


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Master II
Master II

Re: How to do a calculation on string?

Try putting = in front of count


Re: How to do a calculation on string?

I am confused, what are you counting and summing here? You don't have any field within Count and Sum