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How to get a QlikView Theme that supports layout as a whole


I am now taking a look at themes in QlikView 11 and just tried to apply a them to an existing app.

So I created a theme source document where, at the document level, I defined "sheet default background colour", "background image", "tabrow background colour" and "scrollbar background colour". I also defined some fonts and font-size.

After I stored this settings as a theme and applied this theme to a new app, not all settings were applied. I.e the setting for scrollbar background colour and fonts are not applied.

So I thought about using the client API using APIGuide and some other helpful documents, but get stuck because of missing good examples. I was able to set the doc property "AllowServerBookmarks" but get stuck in setting the background color to an expression.

Maybe my knowledge about VB is "out of date".

It also might be that someone has seen the solution that fully supports themes as a definition of colour and font in all settings that are available in the property dialogues.

If you have or know a solution or if you even know how to set colours to an expression using API, let me know.