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How to get data from WunderList

Hi there!

Simple question:

How can I get data from Wunderlist?

I want to get such field as:










Using that field would help me to control life better in personal analytics. Help me to find the way to get data.

Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands - App of the Year!

Wunderlist Developer

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Re: How to get data from WunderList

Where you want to see this?

Life is so rich, and we need to respect to the life !!!
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Re: How to get data from WunderList

I want to enter my profile in wounderlist and get data from it to qlikview table.

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Re: How to get data from WunderList

I found some kind of solution. I can get information from .ics calendar of my account. Link to it can be taken from account page of Wunderlist.This link can be used as web-data.

Information from  .ics calendar consists of several near events that have future date.

I still can't get full information from Wunderlist

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Re: How to get data from WunderList

Stanislav, the same idea came to me and I've successfuly accomplished it with the help of recently published Qlik REST Connector, which is completely free.

Here are the steps to make:

  1. Obtain and install Qlik REST Connector. You can download it from Qlik Customer Downloads section.
  2. Make necessary preparations on Wunderlist site.
    1. Create a new App under your account at Wunderlist Developer site.
    2. Get a "Client ID" and an "Access Token" codes for this newly created App (the latter is created by pressing "create access token" button).
  3. Study Documtation section on the site and decide which Endpoints you're going to use. I suggest that you start with "User" for initial connection efforts.
  4. Open "REST connection" dialog from QV script Data pane and enter following credentials there:
    • URL: https://a.wunderlist.com/api/v1/{ENDPOINT} - replace {ENDPOINT} with "user" or another endpoint.
    • User name and password: your Wunderlist account.
    • Query Headers section (name : value pairs):
      • X-Access-Token : {the "Access Token" code which you've got on step 2.2}
      • X-Client-ID : {the "Client ID" code which you've got on step 2.2}
  5. Test the connection, and if everything is fine, proceed with OK, then go to Select dialog from Data pane.

Wunderlist Data model is rather straighforward, no sense to describe it here.

Please mark the answer Correct and your answer as Answered if my recommendations would help.

Some useful resources I've studied before finally made the case:

Create a REST connection ‒ Qlik Connectors

GitHub - wayneashleyberry/wunderline: A command-line client for Wunderlist, the easiest way to get s...