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New Contributor

How to ignore rows with certain null values in Pivot table (not all values are null)?

Hello Qlikview community,

I'd like to hide/remove rows from a Pivot table where there are null values in a row - however not all values are null (otherwise there'd be the 'Suppress when value is null' or 'Suppress missing' flags).

One cell displays a value if the succeeding cell's value is greater, so basically values increase over time (months). If they don't increase then the cell gets a NULL. And if at least one value is missing, the whole row should be removed from the table.

In the example image below, only the marked lines Error_01 and Error_04 should remain being displayed.


I've tried to "play around" with calculated dimensions using functions like Column or After ... but to no avail. Please find attached qvw for reference. It'd be great if someone could come up with a solution.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time!