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How to include the values


I have some Products A,B,C,D,E

i saled A,B,C Products in Q1 but there is no sale for D,E Products.

i have sales in Q2 for all the products.

i need to show in pivot table ike

Quartet    Product  No of Products  amt

1                A               1                   1000

1                B               1                   2000

1                C               1                   3000

1                D               1                   0

1                E               1                   0          

2                A               1                   100

2                B               1                   1004

2                C               1                   1012

2                D               1                   433

2                E               1                   2340

I dont know how to include the Products D,E in Q1.

could anyone help me.

thanks in advance.

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Re: How to include the values


Please find the attached sample may help you.


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Re: How to include the values


thanks for your reply...

i want to show the no.of products in expression tab.

actually no. of prducts means count(distinct Products).