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How to label and sort within a group?

Hi every one,

I am bumping on a thing that is probably little. Let's consider a set of data as such:

Section_name - ID - Date - Color - Score

So one line from this could be:

Beginner, 1, 2010-09-02, Blue, 12

Let's say that we want to see the total Score per Section. A simple bar chart with Section on the X axis and a Count of Scores on the Y axis would do.

Let's say that we want to drill down to the results per Month. I created a Group with Section as first element and Year(Date)&"-"&Month(Date) as the second.

So far so good.

But we then want the sections to appear in ID ascending order. There, I can not figure it out.

I tried to set the Sort Order in the Group definition to be an expression =ID and... nothing happens. Sorting in the chart definition doesn't work either.

I tried the other way around. I built the group with ID and Dates. The order is then right. But I can not label it so instead of displaying 1,2 or 3 (meaning the ID value) it would display the Section_name. Labeling within the Group definition or the Chart definition produce the same thing: nothing (ticking the Label checkbox in the chart definition would cause a blank like to appear below the ID values).

Could you please indicate how to solve this?

Thank you.