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How to pass URL or variables into Qlik and out of Qlik

The requirement from the client is to create an interface between an application and Qlik to send data back and forth.

I found the following details in a post on the community but was trying to get more details around how the URL is accepted in Qlik and does Qlik have the ability to send a url or a parameter back to the application (its Interfacing)??



1. Create a variable in your Document and set the value to 0.
2. Create this procedute:

Sub WhenOpen

set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vSheet")

End Sub

3. Create a Trigger OnOpen on Document Event Triggers to run the procedure.
4. The url is qvp://localhost/MyApp.qvw?vSheet=0, where vSheet is an array. So your first sheet is 0, the second is 1...