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How to select dimensions

I have created a table where it contains three subjects English, Maths and Science now i need to separate each subject into single single table . can anyone help me how to select the dimensions

below i have attached details of the table and the dimension which is already selected

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Re: How to select dimensions

If you are using e.g. a bar chart, there is the trellis option on dimension tab to create multiple graphs per dimension value. This option is not available for table charts.

In general, you can create multiple chart objects and limit the dimension value to a specific one either by using a calculated dimension or set analysis in all your expressions:

1) Calculated dimension in dimension tab instead of the field dimension

=If(Subject = 'English', Subject)

[and suppress when value is NULL on dimension tab]


2) Set Analysis

Something like

=Avg( {<Subject = {'English'}>} Score)

in all your aggregation functions.

Hope this helps,


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Re: How to select dimensions

The link below has very good information about calculated dimensions in general.