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How to set a default value for a filter in multi selection box ?

Hi All

I am new to QV and i have below query.

     I have a "Fin Year" and "Fin Month" filter with values like in "Fin Year" as 2017 - 18, 2016 - 17, 2015 -16 and in "Fin Month" all the months along with year names like Jan 2017, Feb 2017 so on.

here, I want the default value to be Current Year in "Fin Year" and Current Month in "Fin Month" when I open the app, and also be able to make different selections later on. When the app loads, then the default values should be as i described above and it also has to allow to select other values.

How can I achieve this?

Note : "Fin Year" and "Fin Month" values were converted in char in script while loading. attached is the file for your reference which will help you all to understand the file in better way.


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