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How to write condition to find sum

I have 2 columns in a table
1) StoryID  and 2) StoryPoints

StoryID has 44 values out of which 28 values are distinct.

Now I want to find the sum of story points of all distinct StoryId's.

ie., sum(of StoryPoints (of all distinct StoryID))

because Sum of all Story Points = 258

and Sum(of StoryPoints (of all distinct StoryID)) = 166 [Which is desirable]

Looking for help and suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to write condition to find sum

May be this

Sum(Aggr([Story Points], Story_Id))


Sum(Aggr(Avg([Story Points]), Story_Id))


Sum(Aggr(Min([Story Points]), Story_Id))


Sum(Aggr(Max([Story Points]), Story_Id))


Sum(Aggr(Sum(DISTINCT [Story Points]), Story_Id))