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Howto get task status from QMC

Hi all,

I´ve just coded a button in which there is a trigger that starts a task using Windows Shell Script (QMSEDX -task =...) and at the moment it´s works fine, I can see on QMC that the task starts, running and finally ended, find the code below

strCommand = strEDX & " -task=" & Chr(34) & strTaskName & Chr(34) & " -qms=" & Chr(34) & strServer & Chr(34) & " -password=" & Chr(34) & strTaskPassword & Chr(34)

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Call WshShell.Run(strCommand,0,False)

But I need to inform to the user that the task has been finished ( OK or KO ) and my question is:

How can I get the status of the task? Could you provide an example?

Best regards.