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Identifying removed or new items on weekly report

I have a weekly property report that has a list of items by decal number. Each week, items can be removed or new items can be added to the report.

I need to look at the current week and previous week report to see which items were either added or removed from the previous week.

To do this in excel, I would run a vlookup for each decal number on the current report to search for the decal number on the previous report. If it is not there, I know it's a new item. Then, I would run a vlookup for each decal on previous report to search for decal number on current report. If it is not there, I know the item was removed.

How would I go about doing this in Qlikview? I need a total number of removed and added items and also the ability to identify which items are removed or added week to week.


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