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If statement vs set analysis

Hello All,

Can you please tell me difference between if statement and set analysis in qlikview.


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Re: If statement vs set analysis

The most important difference is that set analysis is more quick expecially with complex expressions;

When you write a condition this is more compact and easy to read and to change in future


Re: If statement vs set analysis

Performance wise set is more efficient than if...


Re: If statement vs set analysis

Set analysis is basically building a filter into an aggregation function. The two following expressions should evaluate to the same:

     Sum({$<Product={'X'}>} Amount)

     Sum(If(Product='X', Amount))

Set analysis is always faster. However, Set Analysis is like a selection that is applied before the aggregation. It cannot have different conditions on different lines in the aggregation. In such a case you need an If().


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Re: If statement vs set analysis

can you please explain a little bit more on how set analysis is applied before the aggregation and the inhability of having different conditions on different lines? Maybe an example too

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Re: If statement vs set analysis

The SET expression selection is done once for the whole chart.  SET version would peform must faster.

The IF() evaluates for every row of data.

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Re: If statement vs set analysis

Thanks for the clarification.

What if there are redundant records, would they have the same result too?