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Ignore Selections in a multibox

Help please 🙂

I am working with two tables, sales and receipts, both have year, month and date.







I created a multibox for each table, but found that they are connecting and i don't want them to.

For example, i select 2010 June in the Sales multi box and get back all sales dates for that selection.

However, when i proceed to select 2010 June in the Receipts multibox, and go back to the Sales box, all sales dates are no longer displayed. some are now grayed out.

Is there any way to tell the multibox to ignore the selections made in the other?

Thanks so much,


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Ignore Selections in a multibox

Not Sure I'm reading this correctly, however you could try placing a

qualify *;
at the beginning of the load script, as it sounds like both sets of data are being joined on Year/Month/Day when they perhaps (going by your question) be separate ?