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In Bar chart where ever the value is zero or Null it should neglect the entire line item

Hi All,

In the attached qvw the bar chart consists of few single line item values and average is showing up correct but Bar offset is going wrong for few Labor type(Application Engineer/ Application technician).

In "Labor Rates Graph" tab, if count of standard rate(expression) is <=1,avg(expression),min(expression)........but the expression which I wrote is not working .

In "Full cost Build up" tab, we have button to switch b/w Value and %. Switch to value is showing the exact data but switch to % is not working.  The requirement is wherever a value in the column is 0 or null it should not consider the entire row.

For example: If we have Sales and growth columns where sales/growth should be 40/60 instead of 40/110 as per the below table.



Thanks In Advance