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Contributor III
Contributor III

Independent List Box

Is it possible to make a List Box independent of the selection made in another List Box?

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     If you using Qlikview -11, you can set alternate state for that particular list box. So its become independence..

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Mayil Vahanan R
Contributor III
Contributor III

Aren't alternate states only available for charts?

I need each List box to still effect certain data in charts (which I can control with set anaylsis) but I dont want the list boxes to effect eachother.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Alternate States affect all objects, even entire sheets.  You can have some list boxes that affect some charts and others which are tied to other charts.

Another way of having completely independent list boxes is to have data in 'Data Islands'.  I've uploaded a demonstration of how that can work here:


Hope this is useful to you.


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For your better understanding of Alternate states and how it works. Clik on the following link and watch the video.

Using Alternate States to Select Multiple Values in a List Box with Different Attributes - YouTube