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Input Box Constraint Settings Not Saving

I have created an Input Box to show one variable and used predefined values as a constraint for what values are possible for that variable.  On the "Constraints" tab of the Input Box properties, I have selected the following fields:

- Predefined Values Only

- Predefined Values in Drop-Down

- Listed Values (in which I have an expression that pulls the values present for one field/dimension based on what is selected)

This works great, except that when I refresh my session (exit and re-open it) those settings do not get saved.  All other settings that I have changed do save, except the three shown above. 

I have tried this on the desktop version of QV, as well as the server version.  The desktop version does save those settings and works fine.  The server version does not save those settings. 

Is there a setting on the server instance that allows you to control whether or not those settings can be changed and saved?  I have not been able to find any information about that.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.  (I don't see a discussion group for server development, so let me know if I need to post this question somewhere else.)

Thank you.