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Interesting Qlikview problem - Pass Load script to second QVW



We have few users who writes the load script in QVWs and reloads them.

We are trying to build  some automated process for them. So there is other logic need to run along with the load script that user writes.


To achieve the above scenario, I would need to pass the load script that user written from one QVW to another QVW and reload it.

I initially thought of taking the load script as variable and pass it to next QVW.

But not quite sure how do we implement this as it shouldn't effect the User ability to write the load script .

Is it possible to make a part of load script as a variable or a sub routine to pass as an argument to other qvw and reload?


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Creator II
Creator II

Use the include statement.

Have your users create a script and save it as a text file ex: script.txt

then in an appropriate location in your load script:

$(Include =filename )

Creator II
Creator II

Disclaimer: That is potentially risky and may be unpredictable with variables, etc.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying.

Users are not willing to use text or QVS files as they can't see the Qlikview language while writing the load scripts.

They want to write the load script in QVW itself.

Any ideas?

Is it possible to store a subroutine or pass the subroutine to another QVW?

If so, I can ask them to write their script within a subroutine.

Creator II
Creator II

Then I think a Binary Load is your best bet.

Have the users create a QVW (QV1.qvw) for example.

The FIRST line of the next QVW is just :

Binary [path]\QV1.qvw;

Where path is your path to the qvw.

From there you can add to it.

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I have some thing else to binary load in the second qvw.

So this option doesn't work

Creator II
Creator II

Can the content of the first QVW be stored to QVDs and subsequently loaded into the second QVW?

If not, I think you may be out of options given your previous restrictions. I look forward to seeing what others may post.