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Interval match function in Calender Script

Hi All,

I am creating a gantt chart in a pivot table. It has to look as it looks in excel. A chart will not do.

There are multiple dates: StartDate1, EndDate1, StartDate2, EndDate2, StartDate3, EndDate3, TargetDate

I have manage to put all these dates in the pivot table and it looks fine.

The issue I am facing now is filling in the gaps between the 'StartDate's and 'EndDate's.

The Start and End dates are  grey, purple and orange

Brown and yellow are Target dates.

I am trying to implement an interval match function to create a range between the Start and End dates but with no success

Below is the Calender script I am using:


// Subroutine to Generate Calendar.


SUB CalendarFromField(_field, _calendar, _prefix)


// Generate Final Calendar



,year([$(_field)]) as [$(_prefix)Year]

,month([$(_field)]) as [$(_prefix)Month]

,day([$(_field)]) as [$(_prefix)Day]

,weekday([$(_field)]) as [$(_prefix)Weekday]


// Generate range of dates between min and max.


date(DateMin + IterNo()) as [$(_field)] // Link Field

WHILE DateMin + IterNo() <= DateMax


// Find min and max of date field values.


min(datefield)-1 as DateMin

,max(datefield) as DateMax


// Load date field values.


FieldValue('$(_field)', RecNo()) as datefield

AutoGenerate FieldValueCount('$(_field)');


After creating individual Date tables using resident load, I call them:

CALL CalendarFromField('Date', 'CommonCalendar', '');

CALL CalendarFromField('StartDate1', 'CalendarSD', 'SD');

CALL CalendarFromField('EndDate1', 'CalendarED', 'ED');

Can somebody help me implement Interval match in the script above. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks