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Is there any limit on the number of fields that can be used in Multibox?

Hi All,

Is there any limit on the number of fields that can be used in a multi box?

when I try to add many fields in a multi box, i could see all of them in source application.

But when i publish that source application on Access Point, few of the fields which are added in the end are not visible.

when i try to remove the ones which are in the top of the list and publish, few in the bottom of the list are visible on AP.

This makes me feel there could be some limit on the number of dimensions that can be used in a multi box.

Please help if anybody is aware.



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Is there a reason you can't use several multiboxes and nicely align them vertically? If you disable the caption of all multiboxes except the top one the result should look like one big multibox. Of perhaps you can group the fields in logical groups, create a multibox for each group and add those multiboxes to a container object.

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Hi Gysbert,

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

Does it mean, Multi box do have dimension limits?

Actually the field names are very long and the multi box has a scroll bar. in case if i have to use two multi box and align, scroll bar will be visible. if i hide the scroll bar, it wont be scroll-able.

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Its  Horizontal scroll Bar


Select the Grid option in the Layout tab. Grid allows all the dimensions to be displayed using a vertical scroll bar.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary