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Island values that just disappear


I have a huge .QVW application mounted on a QV Cluster server, using QV11.2 SR8.

We are dealing with a strange error that occurs with a non-specific frequence.

The app has a few Scorecards with listbox used as selectors, to change a view, a metric, etc. The attributes of those selectors are Island fields.

Suddenly, many of those attributes lose most of its values (all of them, except one).

I attached some snapshot to show the problem. In the first one, selector "Metrics" shows both of its values: Items, Tons. This is the normal situation.

The second image shows only "Tons" Metric value. This is when the problem occurs. Sometime it happens on one of the QV Cluster nodes, sometime it occurs in both of nodes. So we restart QVServer service from the affected node.

Have you seen this before? Anyone could help me, please? It is a very awkward problem, not only because of a visual problem. Our users uses Bookmarks a lot that stop working because they are trying to make a selection of a value that doesn't exist (in the example "Items" value, that it is the default metric value).

Please, HELP!



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Re: Island values that just disappear

Do you have any section access restrictions that could somehow provoke this issue?


Re: Island values that just disappear

We have Section Access restrinction but it doesn't affect to those attributes.