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Issues when Deliberately Shutting Down Nodes in Cluster

We are testing a cluster environment with three nodes. The purpose is to shut down nodes during low utilization times. The thinking behind this was that since one of the benefits of a clustered QVS is the failover aspect, so we can potentially shut down nodes at will and this should be no problem as long as the other nodes have resources. However we are seeing another set of quirks.

Among them are documents not showing up in accesspoint. Intermittently apps are showing and disappearing. Sometimes when opening an app we are getting a File not Found error message, when the qvw is clearly published in the root folder. And also QMC is stalling/freezing when trying to access list of published documents or seeing which documents are open on which node. 

 I am leaning towards these being caused by QMC having trouble syncing PGO files between each node with one node down. Anyone have any insight? Is there something we are doing wrong with the clustering? Any insight is appreciated. 


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Re: Issues when Deliberately Shutting Down Nodes in Cluster

My experience:

Until version 12.10 it was not possible to shut down a single node in the cluster. The whole system was frozen.

Three weeks ago, I upgraded to version 12.40 and now it works fine. There are no more problems with stopping a single node.

- Christian


Re: Issues when Deliberately Shutting Down Nodes in Cluster

Duplicate post, see: https://community.qlik.com/t5/QlikView-App-Development/Issues-when-Deliberately-Shutting-Down-Nodes-...


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