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Contributor II

Issues with Table creation


I am having issues with creating a table the way I am trying to create it.

I have a table1 shown below

Plan           Balance         Count

Plan 1             10,000         2

Plan 2           5,000                4

Plan 3             20,000            3

-The Plan is the type of plan accounts fall into(e.g. Checking for Students, Checking for businesses, Savings for Kids etc) Doesnt include loans

-The balance is the total balance in that plan,

-The count is the total accounts in that plan.

Accounts are tied to tax id numbers

I want to create the table2 like this which show of these checking/savings accounts, Which tax ids have loans of those plans

Plan         Balance                      Count

Plan 1          Loan(balance)            Loan(count)

Plan 2     Loan(balance)                 loan(count)

Plan 3      Loan(balance)              Loan(Count)

User example

John has 2 checking accounts, 1 savings, and 3 loans(20k total)

Table 1:

Plan                                  Balance                Count

Checking for Students         1,000                        1

Checking for Bus                    150.00                 1

Savings                                 5,000                     1

I want it to show this information below since he has 3 loans for 20k. Do i need set analysis for this?

Table 2                    

Plan                                      Balances     Count

Checking for Students          20000            3

Checking for Bus                    20000          3

Savings                                     20000       3

I no this inst completely accurate but for now, if i can get it to display of the three checking account plans i have, the total loans in each

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Contributor II

Re: Issues with Table creation



Re: Issues with Table creation

Could be need Set operator only. But, Fortunately what you given the data is not accuracy to me. I am not sure how John and where we are referring?

I think you need Total Keyword for your expression, But not sure where we need to look

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)
Contributor II
Contributor II

Re: Issues with Table creation

Sorry if it was confusing.  I want to see the amount of customers who have a savings accounts based off a plan

So for instance, Lets say john has 3 checking and 1 saving account

This is what i want the final chart to look like

Plan                                    Balance                     Count               Count(savings Accounts)    Balance Savings

Checking for students        500                              1                              1                               500000

Checking for Business       10000                             2                           1                                500000

In excel this raw data would look like this

Name       plan                        acct #         taxidnbr        account Type          Bal

John        check4students        12345       12345678             CK                   500

John        check4business         2345        12345678            CK                   6000

John        check4business         45567        12345678            CK                  4000

John        savings                      86843      12345678              SV                500000

Contributor II
Contributor II

Re: Issues with Table creation