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JScript macro export to Excel

Hi everybody.

I have a macro running on VisualBasic it exports some qlikview objects to Excel, it works very well but only runs with IE plugin.

Nowadays I have to reprograming the macro in JScript in order to run the new macro on IE and Chrome, but i don´t have knowledge to do this.

Does anybody know how to translate from Visual Studio to JScript??

Or Does anybody know if this is possible on JScript??

Im very thankful.

2 Replies

Hi Ruben,

sorry, I'm afraid I cannot help you there as I'm not proficient in either - I will try - but maybe you can help me - I need just what you have, judging from your post - I have one object (straight_tabl) in an app which needs to be exported to Excel and saved in a specified place with a specified name every day, overwriting its own predecessor. We used to have a program running that could do this on the server, but it doesn't work anymore, so this would have to be done locally as macros and such don't run on the server, so a little button to just export this would be fine.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


P.S.: I have another thread about just this issue, you could answer to that if you want so that your own thread here doesn't get clogged up and people can see that you still have this issue ...


Hi we have a similar request. Did you have any luck of creating the macro? Thanks.