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Keep all rows in a simple table even though a value in it is selected


I have a simple table with a list of values to filter data in my dashboard. When i select a value from it then the graphics  and other tables filter data correctly. The issue here is that my simple table , filter its own data showing me one single value. Exists any form to select a value, but keeping the other options visible?

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Specialist III
Specialist III

You can use set analysis to tell this table to ignore selections - some or all, e.g.:

Sum({<YourField = >} Value) // Ignore selections on YourFIeld

Sum({1} Value)  // Ignore all selections


However, there is no way to differentiate between selections made within a table and selections made elsewhere (listboxes/multiboxes, Search objects, other charts, etc)



Is this in a straight table or table box object? If this is straight table, use {1} set analysis in all your expressions and then any selection you make will impact other objects, but will show all rows in this table