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Let's make Qlik Sense Better Together!

Hello, Community! This topic is for those, who dealing with Qlik Sense, and want to see some new features in functionality and bug fixes!

I hope that QlikTech will hear us, and make some improvements!

Here is a list of improvements that I want to see in next versions:

1) Fix crashing applications when server shutting down while saving app to disk.

2) Add list groups (because now there is only Common, Community and Unpublished lists). Our client in Russia faced that there is too much lists in one group, so they are always a little confused to find what they want.

3) Save the state of list-groups for each user (now it's always unrolled when refreshing the page)

4) Manage security for list groups

5) Publish Bookmarks (allow users to publish bookmarks for everybody)

That's all!

I hope to find some feedback here, thanks a lot 😃

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Re: Let's make Qlik Sense Better Together!

Also really want to see the ability to share bookmarks. Seems silly it's not in the product now !