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Limit to CSV export?


I'm trying to export a straight table with 1,400,000 rows x 7 columns to CSV, but after 24 hours the QV.exe process is appearing as not responding and I can conclude the process failed.

I thought there was a limit to excel exporting, but there seems to be one for csv too. Any suggestions?

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First suggestion: Don't!

If you absolutely must, I would pick a selector (week, month, etc.) and do a separate export for each selection and then combine the files in the file system.



Or another idea is store it in QVD and make use of the fact that QVD is basically an XML file.

May be you can do conversion QVD -> CSV outside QlikView?


Hi Rakesh,

A QVD file is certainly not "basically an XML file". It has an XML header, but the data is bitcompressed. Good luck trying to extract it outside of QlikView.




You are right Stephan QVD is not "basically an XML file".

Then, may be converting QVD -> CSV can be taken offline in some kind of separate QVDtoCSV.qvw application, kind of out of "that" particular QlikView so user don't have to wait. Obviousely extracting those many records to CSV will surely have problems. But I am not expert of exporting to CSV either.

It would be nice to have a fast QVD -> CSV convertor, wouldn't it?

I wait for someone to suggest best possible solution on this one.

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Hi guys,

Sorry to steal this thread, but my issue is very much related....

I now use:



FROM (qvd);

Store TableName Into ;

DROP Table TableName;

I have 2 issues:

1) I'm limited to a certain amount of lines, so would like to export the table in sets of an x amount of rows. Would anyone know how to script this?

2) My txt (or csv) files all get XML headers and MS Access gets stuck on these when I try to load them. Is there a way to export without the XML format?

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MVP & Luminary

Did you try my app QVD2CVS?


- Ralf

Vizlib Head of R&D