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Linked Tables and ODBC



  • Looking for some advice and help around Linked Tables base don ODBC Fact tables
  • Found a great document on CONCATENATE AND LINK TABLES (Mar-13) but cannot seem to get it to work.


  • I am importing two FACT tables (via ODBC) into QlikView (PE) and cretaing a KEY using the common fields in the two tables;
  • I am then running some code to create the linked table but get an error message saying;
  • Cannot open file 'C:\Documents and Settings\........<FILE PATH HERE> ...........' The system cannot find the file specified.


  • When I import the fact tables via ODBC where are they stored?
  • Why can the Linked Table code not find them?
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Re: Linked Tables and ODBC


   Are you using the ODBC connection String from any file external .

The error is due to the File which is referred in the Application but not able to locate it.




Re: Linked Tables and ODBC

it seems that it is nowhere related to Linked Table Code. it has to be something to do with physical location of your data source. May be the way you are trying to connect to the data source is not right. What is your data source?


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Re: Linked Tables and ODBC

Hi Tresesco,

I am connecting via ODBC to a SQL Server databse.

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Re: Linked Tables and ODBC

Hi Yusuf,

The ODBC connection details are (Details changed for privacy);

ODBC CONNECT32 TO [USER;DBQ=PROD] (XUserId is 123, XPassword is 123)

These details preceed the fact table load statement.