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Live data update and retrieval from front-end


I have a messy DB query, the results of which I can store neatly in a qvd. I then need to allow for live edits by the end user on said data set; i.e. the user will pull up a record to review and  proceed to modify several data points in it, before moving onto the next record. I need the front end to both push the updates to the qvd as well as display them for the user to see in both the current and subsequent sessions. 

Is this achievable in QlikView and if so, by what means?

...I haven't used Direct Query before, so instructions with code snippets would be most beneficial.


P.S. If use of the qvd format turns out to be the limiting factor, I can set up a separate table that will hold the newly populated data points. The fundamental issue is with the real-time interaction rather than long-term data storage.

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