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Load HTML Into Qlikview

Hi All,

I am pulling data into qlikview from a SQL server database. This data comes from Rational Team Concert.

One of the Columns in the table (Description) is populated with HTML.

Is there a way to either get qlikview to read it as HTML directly from the table?

Or Store it into a file of some variety and read it back into qlikview as HTML?

I have tried STORE Blah INTO blah.html (Html); which works from the point of view of outputting the file, but then when i try to read it back into Qlikview it says "cannot open HTML File" when i set it to HTML.

Any advice would be gratefully received.



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Load HTML Into Qlikview


Store Blah INTO blah.html will create a file with all rows, and adding the HTML headers before / after.

If your content already has the HTML headers, than you need to save it as text file, and each row into a separate file.


But what do you want from that field? Can you post a sample, maybe it can be loaded easier.