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Load specific QVD file, only at button click

I am developing a QlikView application that needs a specific data load, only when a button is pressed. My application contains a load script that loads the normal data and I need to load some extra data, only needed if a button is pressed.

How do I execute a specific load script after pressing a button?

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Re: Load specific QVD file, only at button click

QlikView cannot execute split loads. Probably because a data model has to be created in one big sweep, and when this is done, the model and the data in it becomes immutable. Also keep in mind that in QV Desktop a reload only looks like being initiated by the end-user, but in the Server environment the two steps are separated and handled by different services without any means of communication. This is the basic architecture of QlikView.

However, there may be a few workarounds which you can evaluate on futness for your purpose:

  • Direct Discovery lets you import live data directly from the user interface through an RDBMS connection
  • A Partial Reload offers variations on the script execution theme. Adapting this to load additional data initiated by a button press will only work from inside QV Desktop but it may be useful to you.




Re: Load specific QVD file, only at button click

Hi Mark! You can have a script estructure as follows:

Normal Load of data

IF vMode = 1 then

    Load extra data


More normal load of data if needed

And you should configure the button adding 3 actions:

    1.- Set variable vMode to value 1

    2.- Execute the scrip

    3.- Set variable vMode to value 0

If the extra data is consistent with your data model then this should work. Hope it helps!