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Loading from Access 2010 Database on a share

Hi all,

We have published a report on our intranet which loads data from an MS Access 2010 database, (this has been updated, originally it read from an excel file).

Since upgrading it from the excel file the document will no longer load via the management console (error messaged attached, admittedly i understand it).

We have had a similar issue before with QVDs and we think it is down to how our server/infrastructure has been set up. While we are not part of IT and our IT department are... less than helpful when it comes to this kind of issue. So in the past we have had to have a switch in place so that we can switch between local and network.

While i accept the above bit may not make sense, please bare with me.

We have a drive where all documents are stored on the qlikview server, this is the server's D:\ drive. When not logged in to the server we access this drive via \\qlikview.

So when developing documents locally everything needs to refer to \\qlikview, but when published everything needs to refer to D:\.

Due to limitations imposed by our IT department, the Qlikview server cannot see anything on our main file server, so for reports that require their own dedicated feed via either a database or an excel spreadsheet, they are placed in another folder on in \\qlikview (Or D:\).

The current issue is that when we create the connection string to the database locally, it creates it and works as \\qlikview... etc. But when put on the server it obviously will not load. I then tried to alter the connection string to look at D:\ but this still does not work on the server (and also not locally).

Can anyone help with a way of getting Qlikview to connect to this database using some form of relative path or can anyone think of why the server isnt seeing the D:\ in this context?

I am really stumped and my head hurts a bit, please help!