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Locking text object to a chart object in a container


  I am looking for a way to lock a text object to my chart (as a legend) within a container, so it only displays when one container object is shown, and not when another container object is shown.

  Here's my scenario. I have a container set to show a single object, with the tabs on the left. Object 1 is a chart, and Object 2 is a data table with a different level of detail. I want users to be able to look at the chart and get basic information, and have the ability for other users to click over to my data tables and export them to Excel. I am having no issues with this function, but I wanted to describe the layout.

  On my chart, I have used a text object to create a custom legend. My chart is a combo bar/line chart, and rather than the legend that would be generated by my chart data, my text object legend simply notes:



What I would like to do is lock this text object to the chart so that it displays when Object 1 (chart) in the container is shown, but not when Object 2 (data table) is shown.

  I tried to do this with layers; putting the chart as the bottom layer, the text object as normal, and the data table as top; in the hopes that the data table would simply cover the text object in that view. It did not, and the text object remains visible even when the data table is shown.

  There is a Conditional option to show or not show the text object, but I don't know how I could write that to reference a view. I would appreciate any suggestions.