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Loop in straight table Chart Expressions

HI all


is there any method to solve this problem, where we have filters based on Year And Month, at a time only one Month can be selected.

if possible in the front end straight table Chart Expressions...

Thank you

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Re: Loop in straight table Chart Expressions


There is a concept of ALWAYS ONE SELECTED VALUE in QV & QS.  Your other option is to use Set Analysis in your Expression to limit the calculation on selected Month value.


In QV have a listbox of the field for Month, select on value then right click on the listbox select properties then check  ALWAYS ONE SELECTED.

In QS, select field then right click on Month (or whatever field) then click Field Settings then check ALWAYS ONE SELECTED.

Or for the 2nd option use this 

SUM({<Month = {"=GETSELECTEDCOUNT(Month)=1"}>}Value)

Hope this is helpful

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Re: Loop in straight table Chart Expressions


Thanks for the response,

In the formula, I mentioned that the value we have to calculate will depend upon the other two values, A and B,

And OOH= all the sum of OOH till date +(A+B).