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Loosely coupled tables / cross tables - dates in common but don't want all info linked.


I have a selection on tables that relate people to events that they attend (on a date) and also to groups (LA Name) thar they belong to. I want to be able to select a date, or say a year, and see what events people went to and what groups they are in. At the moment, the Date or Year is in common and so it apprears that everyone went to every event. The specific issue is that I seem to have underised mapping becuase when counting distinct events I do not get the desired outcome.

Attached is sample data and the sample QlikView. Please note that Tab5 is loaded as a cross table as it is a matrix.

In this example, the issue is that the count(distinct Event) claims that every LA Name is linked to 5 Events, but this is not meant to be true. In the data I have only intended to  link LA Name "e" to only one event, Event 5 and only one Person, person E. This Person E is only meant to be linked to LA Name E.

If someone could tell me why in my example Person E is linked to all 5 Events then this would be a great help. Even better, please may someone help me make sure that my mapping so that I can correct it to give the desired outcome (i.e. LA Name E has one unique Event linked)!?

I would really appreciate help as I am completely stuck!

Many thanks,


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I would like to add, that I know Person E exists in all the dates, and that these dates also match event dates, so I can see the link, but I do not want the dates to link the data. I do however want to have a date slider that would work for both the event date and the date that someone in is their LA group.