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Lost Connection in Access point

Hi Guys,

I am using QV SMB Server.

I don't have QlikView Publisher but the QVW documents are being reloaded by Management Console Every 30 Minutes.

The reload tasks are being completed successfully every 30 mins but the document on access point is not reflecting any changes.

And when I click anywhere on the webpage then it shows 'Lost Connection Error'

I am logging in with 'Named Cal' & Dynamic Cal assignment is disabled.

Below are my current settings

Document Settings :

Document setting.jpg

Server Settings :

Timeout page.jpg

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Re: Lost Connection in Access point

How large is your document? Are you the only one using the credentials of the user that has this Named CAL assigned at all times? Can you post a screenshot of the Task Manager -> Performance tab when you run it on your server?



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Re: Lost Connection in Access point


The same login credential is used on multiple computers. We have two Display TVs which shows stats and both are logged in with same account. We using Windows authentication.

and here are the screenshots




Re: Lost Connection in Access point

There you have it: every CAL can be used to maintain a single session only at any time. You may get the feeling that you can open a document 10 times using a single CAL, but in reality each new session will terminate the previous one (without telling you anything). As soon as you try to use a session that was opened before, you will get the "connection lost" message and the client will try to restore that session. And it will prompty disconnect the last session that was used immediately before.

You'll need to assign more CALs to more accounts. Usually one CAL to one separate account for each display. There is no CAL-sharing in QlikView.