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Lost Connection issue in a Direct Discovery app..??

Am a new to this Direct discovery concept. we developed the app with 4 sheets and deployed.

Now facing this connection issue like " lost connection to server reconnecting ". we used custom security for the app , so after login with the credentials we are landing into the first sheet where there are not much objects(only 10), from first to second sheet there is a trigger when we select that we are navigating to second sheet where there 30 objects few are Measures. we are not able to see any data. same for the remaining all sheets.

As it is direct discovery app earlier we are suggested to make below changes, but our team said these changes are going to affect other apps which are under the same server. - Is that true ??

1. Object Calculation Time Limit  - 

Path - open QEMC --> go to system tab --> setup tab  --> + management services --> + Qlikview servers --> QVS (Globe symbol)

---> go to performance tab ---> document (right bottom) ---> change the Object calculation time limit to 1000 sec (default value will be 60).

2. just below to that Object Calculation Time Limit  we can see max symbols to charts : change it to 1000 (default value will be 100).

3. QVS time out setting : go the this path  C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer directory\config.xml

this config file contains a line <QVSTimeout>60</QVSTimeout> --- please replace 60  with 1000  and save it.

Please guide us the connection issue is because of not doing above settings in the server. or any other settings needs to be done.

and I read in one of the post in community that 'if we use more list boxes then there are chances of getting this error'.

Please guide me with the work around.

Best Regards,