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Lots of questions on Themes usability and functionality in QlikView :-)

Hi all,

I am exploring the usability and functionality of Themes. I understand it can be quite helpful in design of a QlikView application but I have a number of questions on how it works:

Document leve:

  1. If I create a Theme at a Document level what does it capture in terms of settings?
  2. If I create a Theme at a Document level does it also capture the sheet and object settings? Or do I have to do all three things seperately?


  1. What is captured at a Sheet level when creating a theme?
  2. How can I apply a Theme for a Sheet to all the sheets that might be created in a new application?
  3. If I apply a Sheet theme to an existing sheet, will it override the settings for the current sheet and change the look and feel?


  1. Do I have to create different themes for different chart types / objects? I am sure I can apply a standard setting for all the objects using a simple theme, but if I want a set of settings to be chart specific, do I have to create different themes? E.g. I want a Bar Chart to have a certain look and feel which may be different to a Line Chart.
  2. Can I only create a Theme based on one object at a time?
  3. Can a Theme file have settings for multiple Objects? I think I can only select one object when creating a new Theme.

I would appreciate info on these questions

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Re: Lots of questions on Themes usability and functionality in QlikView :-)

I don't have an overview of answers on all your questions, it also has been a while since that I've used them. But maybe this will help you on the way.

From my memory creating a theme is kind of an iterative process where you take the specific properties from an object (Doc,Sheet,chart) by selecting the object and start the theme maker wizard. You can then choose which of these properties it has in common with other object types to include these for other types (e.g. caption properties)

Start at the doc level and work your way down to sheet and specific objects, choose to modify existing theme and set the properties and objects you want this applied to. Repeat for any object type specific properties you want applied from any specific object type.

Applying a theme and which objects and properties are affected depends on at which level you apply the theme (doc/sheet/object) and off course the properties included in the theme

To Theme or not to Theme