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Contributor III
Contributor III

Macro don't run from server

Macro on the server don't run, it's works fine from QV Desktop

On Macro:

Requested Module security = System Access
Current Local Security = Allow System Access

On server Secuity tab:

Allow macro execution on server is enable
Allow unsafe macro execution on server is enable also

somone have an idea?

I try from IE or Firefox is the same problem, nothing happens

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Are you using the IE plugin ?  I suspect not as you mention Firefox,

As macros don't work in Full Browser (Ajax) Mode.

Best Regards,     Bill


Plugin or Ajax?


Recuerda que tenemos dos distintos accesos a qlikview,

uno es Ayax, el cual funciona con cualquier navegador de manera nativa el cual nos permite la coneccion desde los dispositivos moviles pero como esta coneccion es usuario - servidor la macro en teoria se ejecutaria en el servidor el cual qlikview no permite.

Y tenemos el Plugin que unicamente funciona con el IE, el cual nos ayuda a la ejecucion de macros desde el usuario. pero al abrir el documento al igual que en excel te pregunta que si quieres habilitarlos, si los habilitas nunca podras correrlos.

Si no te aparece esta ventana puedes teclear la opcion  Ctrl + Shift + m y te aparecera un cuadro emergente indicando que si le permites acceso al sistema, con lo cual podras ejecutar tu macro.



Remember that we have two different access to qlikview,

One is Ajax, which works with any browser natively which allows us the connection from mobile devices but this connexion is as user - server and the macro would run on the server which does not allow qlikview.

And we have Plugin that only works with IE, which helps us to the execution of macros from the user. but to open the document as in excel asks you if you want to enable them, if you enable'll never run them.

If this window does not appear you can type the option Ctrl + Shift + m and a popup box will appear indicating that if you allow access to the system , which you can run your macro.

Greetings ...

Contributor III
Contributor III


Thank you for your reply, how to check if plugin or ajax, on server or on Desktop?

Where I can find IE plugin? it must be installer on desktop or on server?


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


If your URL contains Plugin at the end then it is IE plugin otherwise it is Ajax, If you want to download IE plugin use the link in Internet Explorer Accesspoint.  IE Plugin works in server and internet Explorer.



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As per p.833 of the QV11 SR2 reference manual the following should be kept in mind:

Macro Limitations.PNG.png

In the client you have much greater freedom, while on the server the actions of the macros can be unexpected or missing all together =/

An alternative approach might be using an external process via a .bat file:


Or using Publisher's External Program option to manage it for you:




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Enable this Flag on QMC :

"Allow Unsecure Macro on Server"