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Macro to Copy/Paste Values transposed Date/Month

I am based in the UK and our date format is dd/mm/yyyy. I have a macro in QlikView to Copy and Paste Special "xlPasteValues" a table in to a spreadsheet. 

objExcel.ActiveSheet.Pastespecial Paste = xlPasteValues

Unfortunately even though the source data in QlikView is correctly recognizing my dates (I've checked by using Month and Num to format) my Month and Day are being Transposed for days 1-12 of each month (as if the region is US) making a mess of the data. This does not happen if I export to Excel or Copy / Paste Special manually. The settings on my laptop/qlikview/excel are set to UK.

I have put a work-around in by formatting my Dates to be DD-MMM-YYYY and this works. However is there a setting in the Macros I can set to avoid the issue?